The benchmark for
LED solutions

Founded in 1984, Elcom is a dynamic reality, which immediately established itself on the market of indoor and outdoor lighting with solutions designed for architecture professionals. Over the years the company has specialized in LED technology, addressing the professional market with a wide range of technical products, in particular miniature linear profiles and large light surfaces.

The ten-year experience of the Elcom technical office in the design of LED circuits and high-tech light products is a guarantee of their quality and reliability.
LED strips, flexible NEON profiles, spotlights, controllers, power supplies and much more. The focus of Elcom is to find always new solutions suitable for all needs.

The service and customization of the product, through the study of each part and the possibility of customizing it, are the strength of the company.


Elcom’s Research & Development department designs new technologies to create innovative products, while optimizing production processes.


Elcom is able to adapt each product to the needs of the customer, the type of space in which it will be placed, the atmosphere that you want to create to create an authentic “experience of light”.


The company is able to offer the customer products with a very high Color Rendering Index (CRI). Each product, in fact, manages to bring out the real color of the illuminated objects in an incomparable way.


Elcom offers a wide range of products that cover different needs and applications. An extensive catalogue that includes solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting for every environment.


The creation of a positive shopping experience, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty underpin Elcom’s customer service policy.


Elcom lighting solutions are designed, manufactured and packaged in Castelmella (Brescia) by highly qualified personnel.